Monday, 18 February 2013

Book a library study room

The library has 13 seminar rooms available for group work/study.
The Info Zone and Quiet Zone have four rooms on each floor while there are five downstairs in the Social Zone. Several of the rooms have flat screens and room 4 on the Info Zone has an interactive white board (VGA cables for the tv screens can be borrowed at the information desk if needed).

All of the rooms can be booked via the Library Homepage.

The maximum time a room can be booked is for two hours. For more details see Library Room Booking

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Women in architecture and architecture as art

The latest issue of Architects Journal (AJ) is a special issue focusing on women in architecture, simply titled The Women Issue. It features articles on topics such as communal housing and the controversial glass ceiling pay gap. Also, essays by current female architects including Phylis Lambert and Yasmin Shariff as well as discussing the results of the reccent Women in Architecture Survey and an interview with RIBA Gold Medallist Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor who claims 'that there are still some people who believe in architecture as art' (p.14, AJ, v.237, no.5, 2013)
Are you one of those people?

To read more see AJ vol. 237 no.5, 2013 shelved in Journal Display Area, Library  Infozone.